A useful design should facilitate a user's task in the most efficient and easily understandable manner. It does not need to be elegant, or beautiful, or even noticeable. The benefits that a company can realize from a useful interface design Should Be Measurable. The goal of every project we do should be to create the most simple, useful and usable experience for our users.

For the last three years, I have been designing web applications for Intelligent Results, a company that analyzes structured and unstructured data for business analytics. Their products are used mostly by financial and government institutions as well as telecommunications and pharmaceutical companies.

The three years prior I helped lead the design process for the industry-standard e-commerce platform, Few companies utilize the concept of measurable results as completely and efficiently as Amazon does. No decision is made, no new product category chosen, no design is launched, without an concrete, measurable goal established to be met by that launch. Some of these projects were considered highly successful, and some have become industry standards.


Up & To the Right has designed the gamut of user experiences for all different screen sizes: improving marketing metrics for RealNetworks, designing video games for Paris Hilton's flip-top phone, or encouraging a telecommunications behemoth to take its first steps onto the web.

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