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Greenlight's Fragmented User Experience
Greenlight's excessively linear user flow had one glaring flaw:

Upon arriving, users were required to select a vehicle make and model, otherwise they were not granted access to the rest of the site. This meant that users could not research a vehicle without first knowing what vehicle they wanted to research. A bit like putting the cart before the horse.

The site could not offer a good experience to anyone who didn't know exactly what car they wanted to buy before they got there.
Information Empowers the user
The Amazon user experience is very different. We proposed to Greenlight that we mimic the Amazon user experience – offering extensive information about the product to users before making them enter the configuration process or buy pipeline.

The theory was that users would feel more informed, and therefore empowered to make a purchase decision. Abandonment rates would drop, conversion would increase.
Coupled with a myriad of standard UI improvements (e.g. a clear, graphical timeline letting users know exactly where they are in the buying process, making forms linear and non-redundant, etc.) the new experience yielded a 50% improvement in Conversion!

It's important to note that the information, product images and prices did not change. Only the design and architecture of the site.

Design Lead: Vaughn Aldredge
Project Management: Marc Pottier
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