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I've really hit our stride the last couple of weeks. I've got an acceptable template completed for the details of individual projects in the work section, so content is starting to flow. The very latest are Amazon.com: Greenlight (one of my personal favorites) and Intelligent Results: IRAnalytics. We've got a few more queued up, so when the words are written you'll see them. Hey, one of these days we'll find the time to get some real content in the log. Who knew!
August 17, 2005

my first post on up and to the right – what could be more fitting than a tribute to my wife, who right this instant is at home putting up with the little montster while I figure out how to hook up this silly log.

.css? .php? who knew this stuff would take so many hours to learn? hard work, to be sure. but nothing like taking care of a two-and-a-half year old with all of his papa’s genetic hyperactivity.

thank you sweets. and thank you for understanding ..read more

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On one hand, it's a vehicle to showcase work by Portland-based Interface Designer Vaughn Aldredge. On the other, as content accumulates, it will become a forum for general interest in design of all kinds: from interface and information design, to environmental design and signage – just about anything that helps users find, learn or move effectively.
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